About Car Breathalyzer Help

Car Breathalyzer Help provides assistance with locating authorized service providers, making appointments and ensuring that your Car Breathalyzer Device, also referred to as an Ignition Interlock Device (IID), requirement is met.

DUI, DWI, OUI, OWI, DUII, OMVI – regardless of how your state or jurisdiction refers to it, a conviction for driving under the influence can have a significant impact on your life. Maintaining your livelihood and taking care of your family may be challenging after a DUI conviction, but with our help, you will succeed in meeting the requirements for an IID and you can continue to enjoy the benefits of driving.

Many people are overwhelmed with the consequences of a DUI conviction and may be intimidated by the IID requirements. IIDs are safe and effective devices that are used in most states to address the problems arising from DUIs. We will help make the process of meeting your requirements as easy as possible. During these difficult times, Car Breathalyzer Help is here to support you and your family. Our friendly customer service staff will help you find an authorized IID service provider in your state that is conveniently located near your home. We will help you ensure that your IID is properly maintained, answer all your questions about IIDs and help you meet your court-ordered IID requirements. We can also help you find resources if you have any questions about your IID. Through our website, you can locate an authorized service provider and make your first appointment.

IIDs are effective deterrents to driving under the influence. If you have a teenager or other family member that you are concerned about, we can help you find peace of mind. IIDs can be installed on vehicles as proactive preventative measures. Our customer service staff is available to answer all of your questions about Car Breathalyzer Devices and to help you determine the best device to meet your needs.