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Business Travel and Your Ignition Interlock

After a drunk driving conviction, it is vital to get your life back together, which is why an ignition interlock is such a great tool to have during that time. The ability to get yourself back and forth to work in your own interlock-equipped car is important so that you can pay your bills and […]

Know Your Limit: Women and BAC

Blood alcohol concentration, or BAC, is a funny thing. It isn’t funny because of the “buzz” of a few beers, but, more because of the danger that is posed with every drink we consume. For women, that funny feeling is a bit more risky than it is for men, and with each drink consumed, getting […]

California Ignition Interlock Tampering is No Hoax

Did you hear the story about the guy, the raccoon and the car breathalyzer in California? It was not true, but, it was pretty believable, at first, considering the many different ways people try to get around their car breathalyzer or ignition interlock device. Since California has ways of making life harder after any ignition […]