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Is Your Ignition Interlock Verified?

Your ignition interlock requirement is your ticket to recovering after a drunk driving conviction. It allows you the freedom to get yourself back and forth to work. It helps you to learn healthier habits with alcohol like finding a safe ride home if you’ve been drinking. It gives you the opportunity to show the court […]

It’s My First Interlock Fail

Not long after your DUI, you had a car breathalyzer (ignition interlock) installed as a result of your conviction. Now you’re back in the driver’s seat, ready to rock your day, just as soon as the interlock gives you the go-ahead. You get settled, pick up the handheld unit and blow into the device, only […]

WWYD: A Few Brews and a Colorado DUI

Whether it’s because people are tired of being nagged about drunk driving, or the younger drinkers out there are too hipster to care, sometimes law enforcement has to get creative. Colorado may be one of the more liberal U.S. states, but that all comes to a screeching halt for drunk drivers. That’s where the latest […]