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Latest News

D.C. Gets All-Offender Ignition Interlock Requirement

Washington, D.C., politics are always up for a debate, but we can all rest a little easier knowing that at least there will be fewer drunk drivers on the road. D.C. recently joined neighboring Virginia and Maryland in enacting its all-offender ignition interlock policy. Now that there’s no question about what happens if you get […]

Don’t Be a Dummy: The DUI Mannequin Challenge

The latest, and perhaps the greatest thing to hit the Internet this year has been the Mannequin Challenge. What could be better than a silent video panning around a room or other space, with humans pretending to be mannequins? Remember those crash test dummies videos back in the 90s? The mannequin challenge isn’t a lot […]

What Your Maryland Ignition Interlock Says About You

If you have a DUI you might also have an ignition interlock device. Once you’ve gotten the hang of how the device works, you already know how to perform the startup and rolling retests. You also know the importance of your routine service appointment for calibration, maintenance, and data transmission. That’s where new questions may […]