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Latest News

Hunting Under the Influence in Virginia

Hunting is a favorite pastime of many Virginia residents, but one with a heavy price to pay when alcohol is involved, much like a DUI. The weapons that are used while hunting require a clear head for obvious safety reasons, which is why Virginia’s hunting under the influence laws have strict consequences. Nobody wants a […]

I’m on Probation and I Failed My Ignition Interlock Test

When you have a car breathalyzer (ignition interlock) requirement, your main responsibility it to stay sober if you’re driving. Secondly, you’re supposed to only drive your interlock-equipped vehicle, and you shouldn’t ever try to tamper with or circumvent the device. All of those are interlock violations, and will affect your probation or status in the […]

Who Pays for a Car Breathalyzer?

After a drunk driving conviction, you have to be on top of all of the responsibilities that come with that indiscretion. Sometimes, that means you only have to follow the order of the court, including community service, probation, restitution and even a car breathalyzer requirement. Other times, depending on your state, you may also have […]