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Can Prison Cure a Habitual DWI Offender?

Drinking and driving is a problem, especially for a habitual DWI offender. However, there’s no actual cure for a DWI, as there’s no disease, just a choice to drive while intoxicated. Some argue that alcoholism is a disease, but drinking and becoming drunk alone is not punishable by law. It only becomes illegal when one […]

Heroes of the Road: Arizona’s Own ChasersDD!

It can be hard to plan for a safe ride home if you don’t even know you’ll be drinking alcohol. Often, we find ourselves in a position (at a bar) that we didn’t intend to be in (buzzed or intoxicated) and require a ride home – and sometimes we’re not alone (because we have friends […]

Plot Twist: A Wisconsin PAC Is Literally an Extra OWI

Wisconsin has a pretty lenient reputation when it comes to drinking and driving. That reputation is based in truth, a scary truth that a first-offense OWI (operating while intoxicated) charge may only result in a traffic citation… or maybe a misdemeanor charge. But, all is not lost – if you are stopped for a suspected […]