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The Many Roads to an Arizona DUI

Everyone should know that driving under the influence is illegal, and most people know if they take the blood alcohol concentration (BAC) test and blow .08% or over they will be charged with a DUI. But did you know that’s not the only way you can be charged with a DUI? In Arizona, as in […]

Avoid Men, Avoid a DUI?

He says, she says? More like he’s there, she drinks… for better or for worse! Recent findings by the world of science show that women drink more alcohol while in the presence of men. Why? Biology and social expectations, science explains. The perceived link between alcohol and sex increases a woman’s alcohol intake when she […]

Can You Get a DUI on a Snowmobile?

When we have plans to drink with our friends, we try our best to have a safe plan to get home. Generally speaking, that means we are not going to drive our own vehicle, but rely on friends, Uber, or some other person to get us safely back in bed. For some, that commitment to […]