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Reducing Houston DWI Driving, One App at a Time

Houston DWI numbers are about to get a huge reduction. At least, they could if smartphones are given the driver’s seat when people are drinking. Technology has taken the lead in the fight against drunk driving, in Houston and across the country. Some of the uses aren’t too shocking, while others are so common sense, […]

Bad Memories: Preventing a Memorial Day DUI

Memorial Day may signal the beginning of summer for many, but we should all keep a few things in mind over this extended weekend. Memorial Day weekend is a time to remember the efforts of our servicemen and women and their roles in protecting our freedom. As such, it is even more important that we […]

Tips for Preventing Underage Binge Drinking

Underage drinking may be on the decline but there are still too many teenagers (and adults) binge drinking. All binge drinking behavior is dangerous, but for teens, it can be particularly devastating. During the teen years, our youth is just beginning to understand their independence and autonomy, and when alcohol becomes a factor in those […]