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There’s a New Texas DWI Deferral Law in Town

When you are faced with the consequences of your night of drinking with friends, like a Texas DWI conviction, you’re probably wishing that night never happened. Not only does your conviction mean you’ll have a challenging time finding a new job or housing, but the cost of that night is in excess of $10,000. Texas […]

Alternatives to Colorado Ignition Interlock Devices

Colorado may not require ignition interlock devices for all DUI offenses, which may not be a problem until you realize that you need the device in order to maintain your own independence. Colorado ignition interlock devices allow you the freedom to drive your own vehicle to and from work, court or other important appointments. If […]

This is Your Body on Binge Drinking

Too often we think of binge drinking as a habit of college students and young adults. Parties on the weekend, spring break shenanigans and inventive ways to ingest alcohol all point to the youth of America as big binge drinkers. However, several studies point to Baby Boomers’ use of alcohol, as well, including binge drinking […]