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How Bad is Drunk Driving in Mississippi?

Drunk driving in Mississippi seems to have more problems than we thought. Despite tough DUI laws and all-offender ignition interlock requirements, the state scored pretty low in a recent report, using data from MADD and the CDC, showing that in comparison to other states, Mississippi’s 1.7 percent increase in DUI fatalities (up to 5.86 deaths […]

Wait, Do You Really Want a Texas Ignition Interlock?

Sometimes we want to rewind our lives to make better decisions, especially when the consequences are a criminal conviction. Unless you really want a Texas ignition interlock device from a DWI, this is your reminder to step back and remember that you have some serious choices to make, even before you head out for the […]

Nailed It! False Positive Ignition Interlock Test Fail

An ignition interlock device has specific technology to detect alcohol in your breath sample. Yet, a quick internet search of false positive ignition interlock failures brings up plenty of defenses that have nothing to do with alcohol. Is it possible that there are other types of chemicals that can cause a false positive? What about […]