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DC’s Drinking Problem and the DC DUI Solution

Our nation’s capital has a reputation that we should all be concerned about. For once, this reputation has little to do with politics (except, perhaps the gut reaction to reading the latest Tweetstorm or head-of-state headlines). It seems that on top of the government’s risky behaviors, DC has a drinking problem, too. Like the worst […]

Live Like a Jedi and Avoid a Star Wars DUI

Today is s big day for any Star Wars fan, with celebrations planned across the world to usher in the newest episode in this timeless space saga.  We are such big fans of Star Wars because we know that good always triumphs over evil… even if it takes a few decades to drive that point […]

A Daytime DUI is No Less Risky

Daylight makes things pretty obvious, even to the most inexperienced of drunk driving sleuths. We can usually tell that the driver swerving across the lanes ahead of us, or straddling the white line for the last mile, has probably had a few too many brunch mimosas or lunch break lagers. At night, it can be […]