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Will Florida Lower its Drunk Driving BAC Limit?

Blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is the measure used in all 50 states to determine if a person is legally intoxicated. If they meet or exceed that BAC limit, they face serious consequences for drunk driving, at least in most cases. The legal limit in almost all states is .08 percent BAC, except for one state. […]

Four Benefits of an Ignition Interlock after your Virginia DUI

Nobody really wants an ignition interlock device, just as nobody really ever wants to drink and drive. In Virginia, you are essentially choosing to install an ignition interlock on all of your vehicles the moment you drive under the influence of alcohol. Virginia is an all-offender ignition interlock Commonwealth, so any DUI, whether “simple” (without […]

Are You Getting Away with a Wisconsin OWI?

When you have a high rate of drunk driving, it is time to strive for tighter restrictions on those who choose to operate a vehicle while intoxicated (OWI). Wisconsin OWI restrictions include higher court fines and fees or the suspension of driving privileges, but that may be the worst that is faced, especially for a […]