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Latest News

Virginia Ignition Interlock Devices are Winning the DUI Fight

Virginia has long since been an all-offender ignition interlock state. Between the mandatory Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program (VASAP), camera-equipped ignition interlock devices and supervising federal DUI offenders, the commitment to sober streets in the Commonwealth is obvious. It is no wonder that we are seeing the results of such dedication to safe driving, with […]

Missouri Underage Drinking is No Game on Campus

If you are under 21 years old and drinking alcohol at Washington University, you are violating Missouri underage drinking laws. If you are 21 or older, you could still be violating the school’s new underage drinking policy. If you are a fan of drinking games, you are definitely violating the policy, and if hard alcohol […]

Shocking DUI: Four Times the Florida BAC Limit

A DUI can sometimes come with a curious yet important lesson on drinking and driving. For instance, not going over the Florida BAC limit of .08 percent. That’s the same limit in all 50 states (at least until Utah’s new .05 percent law is implemented), but there may be another really important lesson we can […]